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Maven profiles : filtering for hsqldb and MySQL

Many developers like to use a lightweight embedded database such as Hsqldb or Derby in their development environment. But usually the application is deployed using another database such as MySQL – or Oracle, DB2 etc. Maven profiles are a way to segregate resources for each environment and to switch easily between them. The Spring Framework […]

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Jersey 1.0 and jetty:run

If you are using maven and jetty you are probably simply invoking jetty:run with your Jersey web service. Jersey is the JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services The problem is you get this exception:

But you are sure you do have your resources. Here is an example:

In pre […]

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Swing Drag and Drop on non supported components

The 1.4 release of Java SE introduced a much needed overhaul for the Drag and Drop subsystem. I sweated blood back in 1999 to make it reasonably work for a client’s requirements. That led to an hour long 1999 JavaOne talk (that was before the marketing crap seeped into JavaOne) and the now out of […]

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