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Multi-timbral AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument

Swift Language

Multi-timbral AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument in Swift Table of Contents Introduction Core Audio Unit AVFoundation Unit Summary Resources Introduction Table of Contents There is one sublcass of AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument provided by Apple – the AVAudioUnitSampler. The only problem is that it is mono-timbral; it cannot play more than one timbre at a time. To create a new AVAudioUnit, we […]

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The Great AVAudioUnitSampler workout

Swift Language

The Great AVAudioUnitSampler workout How to use the AVAudioUnitSampler using Swift. This was written for Swift 3. The Github repo has been updated for Swift 4. I’ve not updated the examples in the post yet. Table of Contents Introduction Sampler from SoundFont Sampler from aupreset Sampler from sound files Multiple voices Summary Resources Introduction Table […]

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