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Multi-timbral AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument

Swift Language

Multi-timbral AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument in Swift Table of Contents Introduction Core Audio Unit AVFoundation Unit Summary Resources Introduction Table of Contents There is one sublcass of AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument provided by Apple – the AVAudioUnitSampler. The only problem is that it is mono-timbral; it cannot play more than one timbre at a time. To create a new AVAudioUnit, we […]

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Creating an aupreset

Using AU Lab to create an aupreset Just fire up AU Lab. The UI is totally intuitive, amirite? Introduction Fire up AU Lab Add Instrument Changing the Default Instrument Key Range Save Preset File Paths Summary Resources Introduction Table of Contents Here are the steps to create an aupreset that consists of several audio files. […]

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iOS: trimming audio files with Swift

Swift Language

iOS: trimming audio files I’ve written about how to record audio on iOS using Swift. But, how do you trim the recording? Introduction Summary Resources Introduction Table of Contents One way to trim an audio file is to use AVFoundation’s AVAssetExportSession. You create an export session instance, set its parameters, and then tell it to […]

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