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tvOS Framework Target bug

There be bugs here Getting past the simple project stage with your tvOS app? Maybe you’re putting reusable/common code in frameworks and then linking to them from your tv project. What could go wrong? Introduction The Problem Summary Resources Introduction   Table of Contents So I created an Xcode workspace. Then under Framework & Library, […]

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tvOS: playing audio

Playing MIDI on tvOS According to Apple’s App Programming Guide for tvOS, AVFoundation is supported in tvOS. Groovy! Let’s use AVMIDIPlayer to play a file! Set up Result Summary Update Resources Set up Table of Contents AVMIDIPlayer’s init func wants two URLs: one to a MIDI file and another to a SoundFont or DLS file. […]

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Apple TV tvOS hello world app in Swift

Apple TV TVML tvOS hello world app in Swift Introduction Getting started Server side Swift code Security Summary Update Resources Introduction Table of Contents So, you saw the shiny new AppleTV demo on the Apple Live Event. Finally we can write apps for the beast! Like most of you, I downloaded the Xcode 7.1 beta […]

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