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SuperCollider with Emacs on OSX

SuperCollider (Github) has a decent IDE these days. But perhaps you’d like to use an actual editor like Emacs. Sam Aaron published an article on this, but it is badly outdated. It was also overly complicated including copying several core directories out of the app. He’s probably too busy doing his good work with Overtone […]

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JDK 8, OSX, and Netbeans

Have you installed an Early Access Release of JDK 8? You may want to still use JDK 7 for some projects. I have a JavaFX 2 project that needs JDK 7 since there will be API changes in JDK8. I’ve previously covered using non Apple JDKs on Mountain Lion. Unfortunately, that doesn’t affect NetBeans default […]

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Eclipse JavaScript Libraries Validation

I use several JavaScript libraries in my web apps. Just one of the many reasons I like Spring MVC over other web frameworks – like JSF – is that you can easily use current web technologies. HTML5? CSS3? jQuery? No problem! Actually there is one problem, but it’s an Eclipse (or Spring STS) problem. When […]

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Learning Clojure: Setting up the Emacs on OSX

I’ve been using the Emacs since my Lisp and AI course back in 1987. (My use of the definite article betrays that :)) So, of course I wanted to learn Clojure using it. Unfortunately, there are either incomplete or conflicting posts in googlespace on how to go about doing this. You *can* grab the source […]

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Modify heap size for Eclipse on OSX

I recently tried to load a sample IRS 1120 tax return in XML format (Example_TransmissionWithConsolidatedReturn.xml in their schema distribution) into the Eclipse XML editor. I shouldn’t need to tell you that the IRS schemas are quite complex. The “simple” return was over 12MB! After a lot of heaving, Eclipse just punted and complained about running […]

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Eclipse 3.6 Helios arrives. Plugin update support still needs work

The Eclipse projects yearly multi-project release is now available. It is code named Helios which replaces Galileo. The new eclipse version is 3.6. One of the new features is an “easier” way to find and install plugins. (Help->Eclipse Marketplace…) Helios comes with a ton of plugins but not support for maven. sigh. So, OK, let’s […]

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Maven and RAD 7.5

RAD 7.5 was just released and I just installed it. Lots of improvements. It’s based on Eclipse 3.4 now. One glitch. I use the Maven plugin on many projects. I cannot install the POM editor. That’s mostly OK with me since I just use the XML editor but sometimes I like to have a second […]

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Maven plugin for Eclipse

The m2Eclipse plugin has been accepted into the Eclipse Foundation.  Perhaps this will push development along. Already there is a ton of new features in the current release – along with decent documentation! Thanks! The update site at codehaus is still alive but it looks like the new versions will be at and for […]

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Running your first JavaFX program in Eclipse

There is a plugin for Eclipse for developing JavaFX. The official installation instructions are ok to a point. You do get the plugin installed. But then what? I hope to save you a bit of time with this post. Create a new Java project. You don’t have to add anything to the classpath. I have […]

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Netbeans 6 has been released

Netbeans version 6 final has been released. View announcement

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