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JavaFX drag and drop custom data

JavaFX has greatly simplified Drag and Drop over the mess that was in AWT and then given a zombified life through Swing. To drag and drop custom data types, i.e. non string data, in Swing, you had to create a DataFlavor class with a MIME type. In JavaFX, all you have to do is create […]

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JDK 7 and JavaFX 2

Some good news about JavaFX. It is now bundled with the JDK so you don’t need to download a separate installer. Some bad news: the runtime is not on the classpath. (In Java 8, it will be on the classpath). A simple fix is to do this:

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Running your first JavaFX program in Eclipse

There is a plugin for Eclipse for developing JavaFX. The official installation instructions are ok to a point. You do get the plugin installed. But then what? I hope to save you a bit of time with this post. Create a new Java project. You don’t have to add anything to the classpath. I have […]

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