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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 2 – npm and Bower

Tooling In Part 1, I talking about project structure and only hinted at development tools. Let’s talk about some dependency tools now. In the next blog post, we’ll cover even more tools. As a Java developer, I’ve already used Git and Github quite a lot. Not surprisingly, it works well with JavaScript too. If you […]

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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 1

In Part 0, I wrote an introduction¬†to this series, and decided upon an IDE; WebStorm. The IDE does not have an opinion on the project layout for a single page JavaScript/AngularJS app. That’s actually good. But we need to think about it ourselves and come up with something that is scalable, readable, and maintainable. AngularJS/JavaScript […]

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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 0

Background I’ve been a developer since 1982. I’ve learned and used dozens of technologies in that time. I followed the general path of C (1982) to C++ (1987) to Objective-C (1988) to Java (1995) with many side languages (DSP asm, scripting languages etc). I pretty much abandoned C++ when I saw a demo of Java […]

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