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Apache Wink

Apache Wink is an incubating project that will allow you to write RESTful JAX-RS (JSR-311) web apps – like Jersey. Read what Dr. Fielding has to say about what is REST and what’s not. DeveloperWorks has a recent article on Apache Wink. They do a commendable thing by giving instructions on how to “materialize” the […]

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jetty maven version 7 beta woes

So I gave the beta of the jetty maven plugin a try. What I had was this:

I changed it to this which is the most current available version in the repos:

N.B. for maximum cognitive dissonance the jetty guys thought it would be a good idea to swap some words in the […]

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JSF 2.0

JSF 2.0 is out. But there is still no maven love here: But over at JBoss we have something close:

is in this repository:

Looks like the ManagedBean annotation does not work though. So I tried it with the mojarra jars and did the mvn install:file chacha. Still no go. So get […]

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Maven profiles : filtering for hsqldb and MySQL

Many developers like to use a lightweight embedded database such as Hsqldb or Derby in their development environment. But usually the application is deployed using another database such as MySQL – or Oracle, DB2 etc. Maven profiles are a way to segregate resources for each environment and to switch easily between them. The Spring Framework […]

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Maven pom for Spring Integration samples

How many poor suckers have wasted time configuring Maven to run the examples for the Spring Integration project? The sources are in a jar included in the download. I’d post a complete maven project but I don’t want to hear from any lawyers. Here is the POM that I slapped together.

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maven and log4j

For some reason log4j 1.2.15 has a compile time dependency on JMX even if you’re not going to compile log4j. Go figure. I’m not the first one to point this out since there is a bug report issued. What’s worse is that the jars are not in any maven repository due to Sun licensing restrictions. […]

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Maven and RAD 7.5

RAD 7.5 was just released and I just installed it. Lots of improvements. It’s based on Eclipse 3.4 now. One glitch. I use the Maven plugin on many projects. I cannot install the POM editor. That’s mostly OK with me since I just use the XML editor but sometimes I like to have a second […]

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maven signing tidbit

Ever get this?

You probably have something like this:

See that dname element on line 6? If you reformatted your code in Eclipse perhaps it was split over two lines. It has to be on a single line. So, you problem has nothing to do with the password!

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Maven plugin for Eclipse

The m2Eclipse plugin has been accepted into the Eclipse Foundation.  Perhaps this will push development along. Already there is a ton of new features in the current release – along with decent documentation! Thanks! The update site at codehaus is still alive but it looks like the new versions will be at and for […]

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