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Spring @MVC configuration without XML

XML is no longer hip. Actually, there is nothing as unhip as last year’s hip. That is until it becomes hip again 30 years later in failed irony. Honestly, if you’ve been programming Java EE since the 90s, you know full well how error prone XML config files can be. A glance at an EJB […]

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Eclipse JavaScript Libraries Validation

I use several JavaScript libraries in my web apps. Just one of the many reasons I like Spring MVC over other web frameworks – like JSF – is that you can easily use current web technologies. HTML5? CSS3? jQuery? No problem! Actually there is one problem, but it’s an Eclipse (or Spring STS) problem. When […]

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Spring @MVC 3 cascading selects using jQuery

I’d be rich if I had a dollar for each time I heard someone ask “How do I dynamically populate a drop down menu based on the current selection in another drop down?” Actually that is probably the poster child usage of AJAX. You can certainly use raw AJAX to accomplish this (just ask the […]

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Spring MVC 3 Showcase

SpringSource member Keith Donald has announced that he is providing simple demos of new additions to Spring MVC version 3. This is a Maven project containing all the demos. The samples Subversion repository is: so you can grab the source like this:

There is also a screencast you can watch.

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