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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 3 – Grunt

In Part 2, I talked about managing dependencies with Bower. The next step is to see how to execute build tasks. For example, when you build with Maven, one of the default behaviors is to copy the contents of src/resources to your build directory (target). We can do things like that with a tool named […]

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Swift REPL

Swift Language

Back in the early 80s I learned the power of LISP’s REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop). (As a music major, mind you). Clojure gave us a REPL for the Java JVM. Kids today use Python’s REPL. Swift playgrounds are peachy, but are a bit buggy right now. Set up First, you need to say you want to use […]

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Swift and Core Audio

Swift Language

Like many of you, I’ve been knee deep into Swift this week. Once you get beyond the hello world things and try something a bit more complicated, you start to learn the language. So, why not go off the deep end and try to work with what is essentially a C library: Core Audio? Turns […]

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Swift language video download problem

Swift Language

There are quite a few WWDC videos covering Swift. It would be nice if I could view them on my Apple TV 3 with the Apple Events app. Unfortunately, the only thing available there are the WWDC keynotes. Not sure I can take more than 5 minutes of hearing “beautiful” and “gorgeous”. So, I wanted […]

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Apple’s new Swift language

Swift Language

Apple has introduced a new programming language at WWDC14. The Swift Language has been years in the making. It combines the features of many other languages, including scripting languages. It has the potential to replace Objective-C as the primary development language on Apple devices. I first used Objective-C back in the late 80s when I […]

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