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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 3 – Grunt

In Part 2, I talked about managing dependencies with Bower. The next step is to see how to execute build tasks. For example, when you build with Maven, one of the default behaviors is to copy the contents of src/resources to your build directory (target). We can do things like that with a tool named […]

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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 2 – npm and Bower

Tooling In Part 1, I talking about project structure and only hinted at development tools. Let’s talk about some dependency tools now. In the next blog post, we’ll cover even more tools. As a Java developer, I’ve already used Git and Github quite a lot. Not surprisingly, it works well with JavaScript too. If you […]

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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 1

In Part 0, I wrote an introduction to this series, and decided upon an IDE; WebStorm. The IDE does not have an opinion on the project layout for a single page JavaScript/AngularJS app. That’s actually good. But we need to think about it ourselves and come up with something that is scalable, readable, and maintainable. AngularJS/JavaScript […]

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JavaScript/AngularJS adventures of a Java guy Part 0

Background I’ve been a developer since 1982. I’ve learned and used dozens of technologies in that time. I followed the general path of C (1982) to C++ (1987) to Objective-C (1988) to Java (1995) with many side languages (DSP asm, scripting languages etc). I pretty much abandoned C++ when I saw a demo of Java […]

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jQuery UI 1.10 tabs

The release notes for jQuery UI 1.10.0 lists the API changes. To handle a tab selection, you previously had to use the tab index and add a handler on the select event. The select event is gone now. You use activate in the new API. The index is gone too. Now you use the newPanel […]

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Eclipse JavaScript Libraries Validation

I use several JavaScript libraries in my web apps. Just one of the many reasons I like Spring MVC over other web frameworks – like JSF – is that you can easily use current web technologies. HTML5? CSS3? jQuery? No problem! Actually there is one problem, but it’s an Eclipse (or Spring STS) problem. When […]

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Spring @MVC 3 cascading selects using jQuery

I’d be rich if I had a dollar for each time I heard someone ask “How do I dynamically populate a drop down menu based on the current selection in another drop down?” Actually that is probably the poster child usage of AJAX. You can certainly use raw AJAX to accomplish this (just ask the […]

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